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Dream Writer

One girl's imagination set free...

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A Fan-Fic community
This is the personal fan fiction journal of dreamwriter. All stories are written by and the intellectual property of me, and me alone.

Disclaimer: I am not associated with the Backstreet Boys or any other public figures mentioned in these stories in any way, shape or form. Their personalities are based on my perceptions of these people (with a little bit of imagination thrown in). This is fiction, people. Don't take it seriously.

Stories include:

A Simple Twist of Fate
Charisma Jones is a college girl from Texas with a secret life. When she meets the Backstreet Boys, her whole life turns upside down. She falls in love with one of them, but no matter where she goes, trouble seems to follow. This is her story about life. How much can someone’s life really change once they become immersed in the world of Backstreet? Chris knows. Do you? Find out how a simple twist of fate can change your life forever.

In My Father's Eyes
Jasmine Walker-Richardson is the daughter of Backstreet Boy Kevin Richardson. When her mother dies in a terrible accident, she is forced to go on tour with the father she has never met. She also falls in love with his band mate, Alex McLean, who is 10 years older than her. All hell breaks loose when her father finds out. Will Alex and Jasmine find a way to be together, or will Kevin succeed in keeping them apart? The truth lies in her father’s eyes.

True Love Never Dies
Melanie “Hope” Davis is an old high school friend of Backstreet’s Brian Littrell, but they lose contact when he joins the group. During the group’s hiatus in 2003, the two reconnect when he starts co-hosting the Friday morning show with her. Eventually, their rekindled friendship turns into more, despite the fact that Brian is engaged. Their relationship is short-lived however, when his fiancée finds out. When given an ultimatum, Brian chooses Leighanne, breaking Melanie’s heart and will in that single instant. To complicate matters, Melanie finds out she is pregnant with Brian’s son. Leighanne will not be deterred, however, and convinces Brian to fool the public into believing she is the one pregnant. When Brian asks Mel to sign away her rights to their son to Leighanne, Melanie’s last shred of hope is obliterated. Mel eventually goes on with her life, marrying her gay best friend and resigning herself to a life without love. But what happens when Brian re-enters her life 3 years later? Can Melanie get over the hurt he caused her? Will their love persevere, or will they be kept apart by circumstances out of their control? Can these two lovers prove the age-old philosophy that true love never dies? Find out in this story.

Coming Soon:

One In A Million
Michelle Taylor is the luckiest girl in the world. At least, that’s what her friends tell her when she wins the Unbreakable Ticket Promotion, giving her the chance to attend as many shows as she wants on the Backstreet Boys’ new tour. She never expected to be accepted into their inner-circle so easily. She also never expected to become the target of someone’s twisted game of torture and revenge. No one said the contest would be a fight to stay alive. Now, caught in the middle of someone’s vendetta against the Boys, she may be the only chance the Boys have for making it out. Can she step up and save the day, or will she be a victim caught in the crossfire? The contest was right about one thing, though: The odds of winning are one in a million.


Rain of Blood
Blaine Christianson is tired of running. She’s tired of hiding and fighting for her life. She’s tired of living in the past. She seems like your ordinary girl, until you get to know her. Blaine is actually half-vampire, and like all halfies, she was born with special gifts. But when she joins the tour with the Backstreet Boys, she finds out that her destiny holds more in store for her than she ever could have imagined. And just when she thought her ex was out of her life, he comes back with a vengeance. What does her destiny hold? What do the Backstreet Boys have to do with her past… but more importantly, her future? Will she survive the ultimate test of her power? Only time will tell.